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(please note that on page 2 of the open call pdf there is a typo concerning the deadline date – the deadline is the 31st of January)


Young Arctic Artists 2023 exhibition promotes emerging contemporary art from northern areas. Exhibition will take place in Gallery Napa, Mustanapa and surrounding city space (Rovaniemi, Finland) 26.8.-19.9.2023. Additional second exhibition will be arranged in Tornedalen/Sweden in the late autumn of 2023 (details confirmed later). Exhibitions are managed by Artists’ Association of Lapland and co-curated by the Finnish -Tornedalian curatorial team: Panu Johansson (FIN), Savu E. Korteniemi (FIN) and Ida Isak Westerberg (Meänmaa/SWE). Fourth member of the working group is producer Tanja Koistinen (FIN).

Under the thematic umbrella of VÄLISSÄ / IN-BETWEEN​, we now invite proposals for works and projects for the 5th edition of Young Arctic Artists.

Deadline for applications is 31st of January 2023 (at 24.00 GMT+2).

On Young Arctic Artists

Young Arctic Artists 2023 continues the series of international exhibitions promoting emerging artists related to the Arctic.

The aim of this exhibition series project is to map out the scene of young contemporary art in the selected northern geographic area, advance its visibility and to create new networking possibilities for artists and curators.

Each exhibition is managed by Artists’ Association of Lapland and curated by different emerging curators or curatorial teams. With the Young Arctic Artist 2023 we will update the concept by creating structures and conventions together with the people of the Arctic.

Curatorial work of Young Arctic Artists 2023 will be carried out taking into account the perspective of Torne Valley / Meänmaa. By implementing a curating process where the perspective of a certain group in the Arctic region is emphasised, we want to normalise the visibility of the voices and views of minorities & underrepresented groups of people – not only as participants in art exhibitions, but also as creators of structures and as definers of practices.

However, we would like to highlight that the exhibition open call is intended for all the young arctic artists who feel related to the theme!

For more info, please see the open call PDF above.