Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa

See the introduction video above for reference. Please note that Studio Mustanapa has currently black walls in both rooms.

Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa are exhibition spaces for contemporary art. They are located at Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi, Northern Finland and they are run by the Artists’ Association of Lapland.

Gallery Napa is a traditional street level gallery space with large windows. The floor space of the gallery is about 70 m2 and the height about 3 m. The space contains also two movable walls.

You can download Gallery Napa floor plan as a PDF here:

Studio Mustanapa is a dark basement space for media art. The gallery has two rooms with black walls. The height of the space is 232cm.

You can download Studio Mustanapa floor plan as a PDF here:

You can also check these photos from our latest edition as an additional reference here:

Accessibility information:

Gallery Napa (street level) is accessible by a ramp with thresholds. The toilet has also thresholds but is not spacious enough to meet accessibility standards. There is no lift to the Studio Mustanapa (basement floor).

If there is any additional info you need, don’t hesitate to contact us!